Bank Travel – The Best Way To Go

bus tripHave you ever seen advertisements on TV, in flyers, or at your bank for trips to Europe, shopping excursions, or visits to a big league game? If you’ve never taken one of these bank trips, you don’t know how effortless it is on your part. Let’s pretend you decide to take one of these trips and we’ll walk you through it. Excursions Trailways has a lot of bank trips on our schedule!

Let’s Take A Trip, Shall We?

So you walk into your friendly neighborhood bank and your teller tells you about the upcoming trip to go visit the Widget Convention a couple of hours away. You have been wanting to go for years, but didn’t want to have to deal with driving up there and paying for parking and all that. The combined price for the bus and the admission to the convention is a great deal, so you sign up and pay for your ticket.

It’s The Big Day

The day of the trip, you show up at the park with a couple of your best friends, wearing your Widget shirts and hats. The Excursions Trailways buses are already there, our friendly drivers waiting to help you board. You step onto our luxurious motorcoach into air-conditioned comfort and sink into one of our comfortable reclining seats. You and your friends talk excitedly about the upcoming convention as everyone files into their seats. Soon, the bus is full and you start heading out, right on time.

Heading Down The Highway

Your buses are tooling down the interstate, but you barely notice as you ride comfortably in your seat, resting and talking with your friends. One of you has brought a DVD of “Widget Bloopers” and you all laugh as you watch it on the screens throughout the bus. You share some snacks and drinks along the way, not missing the hassle of fighting the traffic at all. The bus arrives at the convention center in no time (no pit stops were needed, since there are bathrooms on board). The driver drops you off at the door and you all run in, energized from your luxurious ride. The driver waves as you enter the convention center.

Time To Head Home

You are widgeted out. You have spent the day taking pictures of widgets, singing about widgets, getting autographs of widget makers and more and you are tired. You slowly walk out of the convention center, dragging your feet and souvenirs. Your driver and bus are waiting for you and you climb on, sinking into your seat with a contented sigh. There’s a little murmur from your fellow travelers, but you’re just glad you aren’t having to drive home. You watch the sun setting out your window, happily hugging your stuffed widget.

There is no better way to take a trip than with Excursion Trailways and when you combine it with an offer through your bank or financial institution, it’s hard to beat. Prices are great, luxury is high and the experience is unforgettable. Give Excursions Trailways a call today to learn more about our bank trips to all kinds of events.