Concert Trips

concert trip charter bus Ohio IndianaIf you’ve ever been to a big concert you know how frustrating it can be fighting the crowds. Some people even leave early to beat the traffic. You’ve spent good money to hear your favorite band, why miss out on a single moment of their show? Let Excursions Trailways take you and your friends to your next concert.

Charter Bus from Ohio and Indiana

Whether it’s country, rock or classical, our courteous drivers will make sure you ride in comfort and safety. Our luxurious buses have comfortable reclining seats, onboard restrooms, and DVD players. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself while riding to and from the concert and while you’re at the show, you can enjoy it and not have to worry about getting home.

Safe and Comfortable Concert Trips

Excursions Trailways prides themselves on offering reliable, clean and luxurious motorcoaches and knowledgeable and friendly employees. We look forward to helping you with every step of your trip, from the beginning steps of planning to get to your destination and home again.

Contact us to learn how we can get you to local shows or big one-time-only musical events anywhere in the country.  We’ll help you book hotels and flights, get your tickets and more through the partners we have in the travel industry. You’ll travel like a rockstar in our modern charter buses!