Don’t Miss the Eclipse!

On August 21, 2017, people across the United States will be plunged into darkness! OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but much of the country will be able to see the first total solar eclipse since 1998. The trek of the eclipse will start in Oregon and run across the United States to South Carolina. A dozen states will be in the path of totality, with the rest of the country seeing a smaller degree of complete eclipse.

Charter A Bus to See the Total Eclipse

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The next total eclipse that will cross the United States isn’t until 2024, so this is a perfect time to catch this stellar event. The path of totality will pass through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. You can decide how far you want to travel to see the eclipse. In addition to seeing the rare solar event, there are a variety of parties and organized events scheduled across the country.

Let’s Totally Party!

It’s going to be a party in the USA during the solar eclipse! Some events that caught our attention include:

The Oregon Solar Fest at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds will feature music, shopping, and food vendors. Located in Madras, OR, this will be one of the first places in the country to see the eclipse!

If you’re looking for a weekend of eclipse fun, check out the Glendo Total Solar Eclipse Festival in Glendo, WY. This festival starts on Friday, August 18 and runs through the 21st. There will be public speakers, seminars, food, and other activities.

St. Louis, MO isn’t directly on the path of totality, but they will still be having a big party! Towns around St. Louis, like St. Clair, MO and Chester, IL will be taking part.

The town of Hopkinsville, KY will be where the solar eclipse will last the longest, so they are making preparations to celebrate! They have activities and events planned for the whole weekend. Check out their website to see everything they have going on.

Greenville, SC is home to the Roper Mountain Science Center. Can you think of a better place to see a solar eclipse than at a science center with astronomers on hand? They have activities planned for the entire week, starting on August 14th.

View Safely

Remember that you can cause permanent eye damage if you look directly at the sun, even if it is during an eclipse. has a list of suggestions for eyewear and precautions you should take. Sunglasses will NOT give you the level of protection that your eyes need.

Charter A Bus to See the Eclipse

According to NASA, around 12 million people live with the path of totality and an estimated 25 million more live within a day’s drive. That’s a lot of people that will be heading to see the eclipse. If you charter a bus from Excursions Trailways, you won’t have to deal with the traffic.

Excursions Trailways has modern charter buses to take your group wherever you would like to go to see the solar eclipse. This rare event doesn’t happen every day, so make sure you have a front row seat!

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