Environmental Benefits of Bus Travel

Taking your trip with Excursions Trailways is always a good idea. You get to ride comfortably and safely, and not have to worry about traffic and parking. Our modern buses have lots of amenities and when groups ride together, you can share the experience and have fun while you travel.

traffic, bus travelThere are other, more practical reasons to hire a charter bus, too. Modern buses today run on a variety of fuels, including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, and more. They aren’t the smog-belching monsters from our youth anymore.

Fuel Savers

Transportation companies use PMPG to measure fuel efficiency. Basically, this is how many people (P) in a vehicle multiplied by the miles per gallon (MPG) the vehicle gets. True Cost Blog has done some calculations using this formula.

By using this method, a full charter bus can have a PMPG of around 330. To put this in perspective, a plug-in hybrid car has a rating of around 350. Other popular methods of transportation include passenger train (190), passenger car (113), SUV or van (91) and a plane (54). As you can see, the bus is much more efficient at carrying passengers than other modes of transportation.

In addition to saving on fuel, you will save wear and tear and maintenance on your vehicle. You won’t have to put miles on your car, lowering the resale value. You can also save on tires, oil changes, and other items that get worn out.

Safer Than You Might Think

There is another benefit of taking a bus over driving yourself: safety. According to the National Safety Council, a bus is 170 times safer than a car. Let that sink in for a second. One hundred and seventy times. For every accident involving a bus, there are 170 car accidents. In addition, the more people that use buses, the less number of cars there are on a road. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics states that the average number of people in a car is 1.5. So if 50 people take the bus, that’s over 33 fewer cars on the road. Less traffic and congestion is a good thing, right?

Environmentally Sound

As stated above, buses use less fuel per person than other modes of transportation. The United States uses more energy for transportation than we use for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. If we can reduce the amount of energy we use for transportation, we could lower our dependency on fossil fuels. In addition, on the average, a bus emits 80% less carbon monoxide than the average car. That is a big difference and can go a long way to protecting the environment and ourselves.

Taking the bus with Excursions Trailways has always been a relaxing and comfortable way to travel and now you know it is also the smart and responsible way to travel. Contact us today and book your next trip with us.