Skip The Travel Agent

Planning a trip can be complicated. You need to figure out where you’re going, how to get there, where to stay, and so on. It’s no wonder that people hire travel agents to help plan their trips. Excursions Trailways has made it easy to book a hotel while you’re renting a charter bus.

Get A Hotel Room Quote

If you click on the “Book Hotels” button found on the bottom of every page on the Excursions Trailways website, you’ll go to a page that will help you get a hotel room.

When you get to the booking page, you’ll answer a few questions and receive direct hotel bids. You can negotiate the price, then you pay the hotel.

The process is fairly easy. You start off by estimating the number of rooms you’ll need for your group and the ideal star rating (from 1 star to 5 stars). You can select the type of room, if you want them all the same, or you can select that each room is different.

The next step is to use a slider to choose the nightly budget you have. The slider ranges from $40 to $250+. You can let the hotels know if you need a meeting room or banquet space and specify what kind of a group you have. For example a bus tour, fraternity or sorority, sports team, and so on.

Next step is to move on to let the hotels know what city (or cities) you need and what your check-in and check-out dates are. You can add multiple cities and dates if needed.

The third portion of the page allows you to see quotes just from certain hotels or from all hotels that match your needs. You can also enter special requests or comments, such as wanting a hotel room, special needs requirements, or audio video equipment.

Finally, you’ll provide some contact information, so you can receive your quotes. You’ll get rates that are specific to your requirements and they’ll be lower than online rates offered to the general public.

Excursions Trailways Wants Your Trip to be Successful

With the combination of a luxurious Excursions Trailways charter bus and our deals with hotels, you can rest assured your trip will be exactly what you need for a safe and comfortable trip.