Travel of Interest to Women

There are a lot of great destinations in Ohio and Indiana that are perfect for women’s groups or a girls day out. Excursions Trailways offers a safe and easy way to travel throughout the Midwest to visit your favorite locations and events. Here are some local attractions you may be interested in:

Longaberger Baskets

Things to do in Dresden, OH

You can make a day or weekend out of visiting the Longaberger Basket Company and Homestead in Dresden, OH. Enjoy several shops, the restaurant, and a factory tour of the facility. You can watch the Longaberger experts weaving baskets on the factory floor and even weave your own basket. If you’d like to stay the night, there are several hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area.

Quilt Tours

Quilting Events Ohio

There are quilt tours and events around the country, and Excursion Trailways is happy to take you and your group there. No matter the time of year there is something to do. Do you want to visit Florida in February? Then take a trip to the Suncoast Quilt Expo on the Gulf Coast. If you’d like to visit the Amish country in Pennsylvania, there are several Amish Quilting Bees during the AQS Quilt Show in Lancaster County. In the Autumn, you can visit the Northeastern United States and find quilts that challenge the fall foliage in color and discover beautiful fabrics at the quaint shops and museums along the way.

Vineyards and Wineries

Vineyard Tours Ohio

Who doesn’t like a nice glass of wine with a group of your best girl friends? Ohio is home to some of the most beautiful vineyards in the country. Take a bus tour with your friends and have tastings, shop, and eat at delicious restaurants along the way. Customize your tour to hit your favorite locations or to find some new ones along the way.

Amana Colonies

Amana Colonies

The Amana Colonies are seven villages located in the middle of the Iowa prairie. Just a short distance off of Interstate 80, the Amana Colonies feature locally crafted furniture, clothing, food, art, and more. The colonies were settled by a group of Germans back in 1855 and are known for their restaurants, craft shops, woodworking, wine and Millstream brewery. The colonies are on the National Historic Landmark Registry.

Your Imagination Is The Limit

There are so many destinations, events, and themes that you can plan your trip around! Some other ideas are:

Contact Excursion Trailways today and tell us about the trip you’d like to take. Our staff will take care of everything to bring your tour to life. Our friendly and safe drivers will get you there in our luxurious motorcoaches complete with DVD players, comfortable reclining seats, and onboard restrooms. Start your adventure today!